8 Things You Must Do for Women in their 40s

Age 40 is a golden age for women. Entering this period, generally women already know what they want and don’t want. They are also more confident and competent: some have established families, and have even reached the peak of their desired careers. And of course, the body condition is still quite fit.

Talking about physical fitness, unfortunately this period does not last long because soon it will enter a period of hormonal transition. This causes women to experience changes in their bodies. Increased wrinkled skin, increased body fat, and menstrual changes.

In fact, every woman will experience a slowdown in metabolism with age. Have you ever felt that your diet feels heavier because you eat less, but you continue to gain weight? A slowed metabolism is one of the main factors. The different body shape is also caused by reduced muscle mass and bone density.

The stress level also increases …