These 4 Facts of International Education Day

Education is an inseparable aspect of national development. Without proper education, the state cannot produce a competent successor and ready to build the country in a better direction. Educational problems are often important on several occasions. If you are looking for the best International School Bangkok Thailand you can choose St Andrews Sathorn as your reference.

At the international level, discussions around the world of education are of concern. Most recently, the United Nations adopted January 24th, celebrated as International Education Day. So, what are the facts about this celebration?

1. Newly established in December 2018

International Education Day which occurs on January 24 is still new. Because the determination of the new international day was done last December 2018. The outbreak of this celebration coincided with the holding of the Global Education Meeting which took place on December 3-5 in Brussels, Belgium. The UN General Assembly itself endorsed the …