How to Enjoy Solo Vacation in Maldives

Maldives is much sought after by new couples all over the world as the best honeymoon destination. But, you can also enjoy it even you travel alone.

The island nation which has 1,190 low-lying coral islands on the equator is also cool to explore on its own. Many things you can try when visit Maldives, such as tasting local cuisine, delving into the beauty of the sea, to enjoy Overwater Villa Maldives

Here are tips for enjoying your holiday in the Maldives:

Taste local food

Maldives cuisine is strongly influenced by Indian, Sri Lankan, and Arabic. The sweetness of coconut is paired with carbohydrate foods and the abundance of fish.

Skipjack is the most valuable fish in the country. Various types of tuna, wahoo, and mackerel are also widely consumed. The curry, called “riha” in the Maldives, is usually accompanied by Roshi, a flattened Indian version of bread.

Curries are …