7 Tips on Choosing the Right Jacket For Riding

For motorcyclists are required to prioritize safety equipment such as helmets, accessories, and others. What can be seen from the fashion motor used by a biker, of course, can see the personality and the taste of someone. The use of the jacket is to protect the body of the rider from a collision and protect the body of the wind. Besides that, a motorcycle jacket can make someone look cool. If you are looking for a motorcycle jacket, you buy it in Wheels Clothing.

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Here are 7 tips on choosing the right jacket for riding:

1. Select the Jacket Suitable with the Body Size

Choosing the fact must match with the body. If the inconsistency is appropriate, the automatic concentration in driving is disturbed due to the in comfortability. The fashion aspect such as the clothes does not match the body shape will make someone less confident. To make it look better, combine the motorcycle jacket by using a black shirt or a polo shirt.

2. Don’t Choose a Model that Has Too Many Ropes

To make the driving experience more comfortable, don’t choose a jacket that has too many ropes. This is for the safety of the rider himself, of course, so there is no accident because the ropes will get into the tire. In addition to using a leather jacket, the riders can also use the Harrington jacket for a replacement.

3. Select the jacket that covers the neck, wrist, and hip parts

Choosing a good motorbike jacket that covers the neck parts, wrist, and hips. Because this could minimize the risk of injury if the accident happens. Good thing you can choose a jacket that has a protector on the elbow and shoulder. Generally, it has a better thickness in minimizing the occurrence of collisions so that the jacket is more secure.

4. Use the Bright Color

Wear a motorbike jacket with bright colors it can be seen clearly at night. It could also choose a jacket model that has a pattern/line that can reflect light while riding at night. The most important thing is done with the goal of safety.

5. Leather Motorcycle Jackets Needs Extra Care

Each motorbike jacket is made of different materials. The jacket made from the materials of the leather is very suitable used in cold weather or hot. The advantages of a leather jacket are, in fact, resistant to the wind, it absorbs sweat well and gives a cool impression. However, the leather motorcycle jacket must be treated well by cleaning and drying it does not smell.

6. Jeans Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets with jeans are increasingly popular and are commonly worn by motorcycle clubs. Jeans made from jeans are very good to wear for windy areas, absorbing sweat very well and don’t overheat if it wears in the day. But the lack of a jeans jacket is sure to be more difficult to dry after washing because it has thick material.