Correct Diet Tips During Fasting, Nutrition is Maintained

When fasting, many of us make mistakes because of food. Enduring thirst and hunger all day long neglect the consumption of a balanced nutritional intake. In fact, paying attention to the intake consumed during fasting is the same as paying attention to body health. In fact, this is the key to correct diet tips when fasting. Many also complain that controlling body weight becomes more difficult when fasting. Here the importance of knowing the correct diet tips while fasting.

Not because you eat too much, but because the pattern of eating nutritious foods is not balanced. This is what makes it easier to gain weight dramatically. By paying attention to the correct diet tips during fasting, it will certainly make the digestive system healthier. Even the ideal body weight will be obtained.

Correct Diet Tips During Fasting

1. Avoid Sweet Foods and Drinks

When fasting, the stomach will be empty for approximately 14 hours. This of course makes the body’s energy and stamina not optimal. The body becomes limp. So consuming sweet foods and drinks is highly recommended at breaking the fast and at dawn.

Sugar is indeed a source of energy for the body and is able to make the body fresher after fasting. But paying attention to consumption is also a must. If it is still ignored, the next one month will actually make the body overweight. Even the possibility of developing diabetes is also great.

This is because when fasting, insulin production in the body will be deficient. In fact, this insulin has the function of converting sugar into energy for the body. For those of you who looking for a Supplement diet without any risk, you can try meticore Supplement. This Supplement can help you lost weight only 1 week consume. You can also read meticore review before buying it

2. Avoid Eating Fried

Not only for those who are running a diet program, but avoiding fried foods should also be done by everyone. Does not provide nutrition at all. In fact, it makes the body produce a lot of saturated fat which is harmful to the body.

These fried foods contain a lot of fat, especially the type of fat contained is saturated fat. Besides being able to make the body gain weight, saturated fat can also trigger an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL) that fills our bodies.

It would be better to choose foods that contain unsaturated fats, such as fish, nuts, and fruit. Of course it is more refreshing and does not make you gain weight.

3. Consumption of Protein and Fiber

Increasing the consumption of foods rich in protein and fiber during fasting is also very good for body health. Even eating foods that contain high protein and fiber also tends to make the stomach full longer. So that when breaking the fast arrives, excessive food and drink consumption will not occur. Health and weight will be better maintained.

4. Simply Drinking Water

Consuming plain water will certainly help prevent a body that is dehydrated during fasting. Both when breaking the fast and also sahur. When compared to other types of drinks such as juice, compote, ice cream, of course water is healthier.

Body fluid intake becomes more balanced and the digestive system can work optimally. The ideal amount of water consumption is 3 glasses of water at dawn, 3 glasses of water when breaking the fast, 3 glasses of water after Tarawih prayers, and 2 glasses of water before going to bed at night.