Introduction To Shipping Scales

A weighing scale is used to measure the weight or mass of an object. Shipping scales are used to measure the weight of an item and prevent unnecessary expenses on shipping. If you want to ship smaller or lighter items you should have a shipping scale. This type of scale can be found at any office supply store and not that expensive. If you ship small items, 5 pound scale can be good for you. It is not at all expensive. You can also buy scales that are 2 hundred pounds but the cost of scales will be very high when compared to 5 pounds.

Things that you ship via USPS must be weighted exactly. When you ship something that has 5 pounds of weight UPS or FedEx is more cost effective. If you ship heavier items you can weight it from the supplier. Another thing to be considered is platform area. You may be having a large box that weighs below 5 pounds. If you have purchased a small scale and put a large box on the platform, it may cover up the display and throw the weight off. Next important thing is its mobility. There are scales which work even without power. They can be used with the help of battery as well as A/C power.

The last important thing in shipping scale is there digital shipping scales and even mechanical shipping scales. Digital scale is more expensive when compared to mechanical scales. Mechanical scales have springs so they go out of calibration quicker and need adjustment. Digital shipping scales are used to weigh letters, envelops, parcels etc. Measurements are done in grams, kilograms, pounds or ounce. Digital shipping scales have high volume and heavy duty shipping scales. These scales can be used at homes, offices and businesses.

Salter Brecknell PS bench scales are of two types: PS 150 and PS 400 Scale. It runs on battery and AC power. These two models are suited for shipping/warehouse applications and general purpose weighing. These models have weights upto 400lbs. PS150 Scale is a general purpose scale with 150lb capacity by 0.2lbs. PS400 scale is a general purpose scale with 400lb capacity by 0.5lbs. A large, simple to read display can be wall or desk mounted for easy visibility and the large keyboard switches even work for gloved hands. The display cable is a coil style for durability and easy extension to the wall or desk mount.