At graduations and convocations, speakers encourage the students always to follow and stick to their passions. The idea that many of these messages are that if you keep on doing what you love, you will make headway. This idea, though commendable, is not always realistic.

The world is changed such that professions that were once considered respectable are no more fashionable. In some cases, the wages from these professions may not pay the bills. The approach that is being advised is to create a passion for the job you can do well. Working jobs have also become more comfortable, as people can work from home. Others are freelancers—working from a convenient location at a convenient time and pace. You can learn how to become a freelancer here.

There are, presently, more career openings in fields such as healthcare, technology, food preparation, et cetera, that makes the choice of lucrative or profitable careers easier and more comfortable. Profitable careers should enable you to live in reasonable comfort. You should be able to pay your bills, afford some luxuries, and still manage emergencies. Summarily, a profitable career should have a high earning potential.

Many of these profitable careers require a high level of education. Though education can be quite expensive, it is necessary to get into these professions. Online learning was developed to ease the burden of education. These classes are cheap, concise, and informative. They help to improve one’s footing in a chosen career.

Some of these “hot-cake” professions are;

  • Software developers

With the entire world fixated on technology, it is no surprise that this profession is on the list. Software developers write and design the software that runs on computers, phones, and other devices like them. While some of them work on these devices’ operating systems, others create applications for specific tasks that make the use of these OS easier. They have to design what people need, make upgrades to old programs, maintain the software, and document it correctly to ensure it works well anytime.

  • Medical and Health Services Manager

Providing care to patients is just a part of being a health practitioner. There are other busier aspects of being in this field. A health manager schedules appointments, collect payments, keep medical records, and coordinate the other care providers that include, but are not limited to, doctors. In short, they allow health providers more time with their patients.

  • Financial manager

This profession requires much financial genius as you are dealing with people’s finances. Every company deals with money, and the job of a financial manager is to manage that money. They keep track of a company’s income and expenditure, strategize to maximize profit and minimize loss. They are to create financial reports, manage investments, and direct the company’s financial goal.

Others are Nurses, management analysts, security experts, industrial engineers, web developers, among many others. All of them offer fair wages and are projected to provide more. Many other careers are also profitable, and incidentally, you may find one that resonates with your passion. It will be best to build up your skillset and use it appropriately where it is needed.

By uhiles