Suddenly your child refuses to go to school? Here are 5 possible causes and how to overcome it

All parents would love to see their children excited when they are going to school. Not only studying, but they can also play and talk over with their friends there. However, what if suddenly children are refusing to go to school?

There are several factors that might be the cause, such as:

  • There are TV shows which they like, but unfortunately played during school hours.
  • They are addicted to playing the internet or online games, so they lose interest in learning.
  • Being bored studying in school.
  • Be a victim of bullying at school, but are reluctant or too afraid to tell it.
  • Seek for parental attention.
  • You are incorectly registered a school for your child

So many factors that might be the cause of lazy children in the school. Then, what parents have to do to make their children excited back of learning? Of course, this should not become their habit. Make sure your child gets the right education, choose a school that has international standards such as Wells International School. This International School in Bangkok is ranked in the Top 10 international Schools in Bangkok, Wells International School offers high-quality education, and has complete facilities.

Here are some tricks to deal with lazy child:

Control the emotions.

Avoid suddenly scolding a child, especially to force them back to school. Instead, it actually will make the child rebel and try to absent for school, even on the slay.

Ask them directly what the causes are. If you have found the reasons, then do the next step.

Accompanying children find solutions that will make them excited again.

When the TV shows are the cause, you can find out the re-broadcast schedule. If the schedule is on a weekend, tell the child to wait until then.

Alternatively, parents can offer to record the program(TVOD) so they can watch it when they get home from school.

If you are addicted to playing the internet and online games that cause lazy children to school, offer a similar solution: children can do it in their spare time. Of course, after the school homework are done.

Invite children to look for alternative ways of learning that are more interesting.

Actually children love going to school because they can meet their friends. Unfortunately, they play only during break time. At least the time is more in class and studying. Unfortunately, the methods in the class are boring for them.

If the children have difficulty learning one subject, invite them to look for more interesting alternatives. For example, children don’t like mathematics. Instead of counting through writing, they can count on the number of toys that they have.

Take the kids on vacation or let them tell about their feeling.

Maybe, so far parents are not aware that they rarely invite their child to talk. It could be busy at the office to make them forget to interact with children at home. Take the children on vacation or letting them confide in can make them feel relieved and cared for.